Clue one of the Tales from the Isle of Purbeck shawl is complete.  Finally. 
I have a new found respect for all you lace knitters.  Here’s how lace knitting goes for me.  Knit a row, get lost in a daydream about natural dyeing halfway through row and forget a repeat.  Count the stitches in row.  Find out the stitch count is off.  Cuss. Rip row out.  Knit row again, desperately trying to stay focused.  Count the stitches.  Move on to next row.
I love how lace looks and this shawl is going to be a stunning piece when it’s all done, but have to admit that I am not cut out for this type of knitting.  Maybe in twenty years when I’m not distracted by {ahem} children.  Or maybe I’m so easily distracted that I can never be a proper lace knitter.  Sitting still and paying attention are really not my strong suits and both are needed to be competent at this craft.  Oh, well.  Maybe I’ll cast on for a few of these and make myself a new leaf garland in soft spring colors.  Some soothing garter stitch is just what I need.
How about you?  Any weekend knitting?

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  1. Your shawl looks lovely!
    I absolutely adore lace knitting. I haven't worked anything really complicated yet, but I love that lace looks so fancy but is really so simple to work. But yes, one needs to be able to concentrate 🙂

    I'm working on the final sleeve for a vintage 1940's sweater, and managed to get a good chunk done on the weekend.

    Happy new week!
    Sarah x

  2. I am with you on the…..squirrel! I have never been able to focus and sit still. Knitting helps me though. I actually love lace knitting but I rip out A LOT. I don't seem to mind though but I do wish I could complete more than one row without mistakes! you shawl is lovely. that yarn…ahhhh

  3. I admire everything you do, in short. Love your beautiful photos, and have been enjoying them for months but hadn't taken time to send a comment until now. Our lives could not be more different (I live in Amsterdam) but occasionally find time to knit or crochet. Please carry on, your images bring me a sense of peace and calm, every time again. Thanks so much.

  4. Oh goodness. I just finished my first lace project and it was really a challenge! Especially the beginning when I could not understand what I was supposed to be doing! Fortunately an expert helped me out and sent me on my way. I found that the ONLY way I could do it was with stitch markers at every repeat. Otherwise I get so lost I have to start all over again. So with that newfound knowledge, I have started lace project #2, a much much much simpler one, though! And it has good sections of my favorite garter stitch, so I have high hopes for the daydreaming aspect of knitting that I love so much.

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