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Like a lot of knitting techniques, short rows seem to have landed in the project deal breaker category for some people, which makes me sad because they’re useful for shaping so many things from socks to sweaters.  And like so many other knitting techniques, aren’t really all that difficult once you understand them.  I use short rows in several of my knitting patterns like Oak Leaves, Autumn Leaves, and Birchbark Longies.


What are short rows?

 Short rows are a way of adding height or shape to a garment without increasing or decreasing the number of stitches.  They can be used in shaping the heel of a sock, adding a bust line to a sweater for those of us slightly more buxom, adding a few inches to the back of a sweater, or in my case, adding some extra room for those cloth diaper bums!

Now go get a cup of your favorite tea and find a comfy place to sit and relax.  This is going to be a piece of cake.  Oooohhh, maybe you should grab a piece of chocolate cake while you’re at it ~ just because!
To begin, knit to where you need to make your short row. (It will be different for all garments, so just follow your pattern.)
Next, you’re going to bring your yarn to the front of the needles…
Slip the next stitch purl wise from the left needle onto the right needle…
Wrap the yarn around the slipped stitch and bring the yarn back behind the needles.  Replace the slipped stitch back on the left hand needle…
Turn your work around and purl to the next place you need to make a wrap, according to your pattern.  
On the purl side, you will work the wrap the same way, except put the yarn to the back, slip the stitch, wrap the yarn around to the front and replace the slipped stitch back onto the needle…..
Turn your work around and knit until you come to the wrapped stitch.  Pick up the wrap and stitch and knit them both together.  This will eliminate any hole or annoying blip in the fabric…

If you notice there are an extra two rows now on the right side of the picture.
Keep knitting all the way around until you come to the next wrap…
Pick up the wrap and the stitch and knit them together…
Knit to beginning of round and you’ve completed a short row!  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help.


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