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You would think that after dying fibers for all these years, I would learn to make more than enough yarn to knit with.  Well, I guess I need to be hit over the head, again….
Last week I wrapped 250 yrds of virgin wool into a skein to hand dye.  I even counted twice to make sure I had the right amount of wraps.  The festive array of fall colors was to be made into a pair of woolies.  Everything was going along splendid until I got the second leg done and the little voice in my head said that I was not going to have enough yarn to complete my pants.  In typical knitter fashion, I forged ahead, believing somehow new hand painted yarn would magically regenerate inside the ball.  To my astonishment, I ran out a quarter up the rise.  So now I’m wrapping more wool, and desperately trying to match colors.

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