Take control of your yarn stash + get the joy back in your knitting life

Let's start by getting your yarn organized, once and for all.

hint:  it's easier than you think!

less stress

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How do you feel about your yarn stash, really?

  • Are you stressed from the bins, bags, and closets bursting with yarn you intended to use, but didn’t?
  • Do you feel guilty for not using it up fast enough - yet you still want more?
  • Does all that possibility + potential feel like a to-do list constantly spinning around in your head... and you’ll never catch up?

Deep down all that yarn is weighing on you and stealing the joy from your knitting life.

You wish you could finally get a handle on your stash and enjoy using it, but you feel completely overwhelmed and give up?  

Let's change that!

You deserve a collection of yarn that supports your creativity

and makes you over-the-moon happy just looking at it!

1. Get organized + feel in control

Ready to make your stash work for you - so you have less stress, more space, and you can easily find what you need when inspiration strikes on a Sunday morning in your pajamas? 

2. Find good patterns to meet your stash

Ready to stop wasting precious knitting time searching Pinterest for the right pattern to use up your stash. Get our favorite project ideas so you can confidently choose the best patterns for the yarn you already have - and make your projects sing.

3. Get the joy back

Imagine being able to open your stash, love what you see and effortlessly start + finish beautiful projects for yourself and the people you love.

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Having a yarn stash doesn't have to be stressful.

Hi, I'm Liz and I believe your yarn stash should bring you joy, not stress.

That’s why I teach solutions and strategies that make it simple and easy for you to take control of your stash + get the joy back in your knitting life.

Your stash shouldn’t be one more thing you have to get through.  And you don’t have to wear the chaos as a knitter’s badge of honor for one more day. Seriously… you don’t.

As a knitter for 15+ years, I understand what it’s like for the yarn to accumulate and take over, leaving you overwhelmed.  

Combined with the strategies I've developed over the last 10 years of living simply, I help thousands of knitters, just like you, find breakthroughs with my real life solutions (no cold sheep yarn diets here) that address all of your yarn stash struggles.

Reclaim the joy in your knitting life

Find simple solutions below to help you calm the chaos + knit your stash - with less time, less stress, and more joy.

Make this the season you finally take control of your yarn stash + get the joy back in your knitting life.

Three months from now, you’ll either be enjoying your yarn stash - or you’ll be stuck in the same old mess you’ve been struggling with for years.

Join the 4000+ other resilient knitters and I'll send ideasinspiration, and practical action steps to help you defeat the chaos and enjoy your stash again.